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Are You New To Medicare?

Not Sure Where to Begin?

As a new Medicare beneficiary, you have important decisions to make about the future of your healthcare.  Unfortunately, understanding the “ins-and-outs” and selecting the right plan can be challenging.

Start by enrolling in our virtual course where you’ll learn the important basics and then for more in-depth information, read through the content of this site and connect with one of our licensed and certified agents in your local area agents for free assistance.

Begin by Enrolling in Our Medicare Essentials Video Quick-Course:

This video tutorial covers the basic elements of Medicare in a format that is easy to understand and you can watch it from the comfort of your home!  It’s yours at no cost and no obligation, just tell us where we should send it!

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      Medicare Resources:
      What You Need to Know

      From Dollars to “Donuts”…

      Getting Started

      Answers to common questions such as: When should you enroll?  How and when do you become eligible for Medicare?

      Enrollment Periods

      After your initial enrollment, Medicare allows you to make changes to your coverage at specific times each year. Here are those dates.

      Defining the ABC’s

      Medicare consists of Parts A, B, C, and D.   Step one is to learn the “ABC’s”, how they work, and your options with each part.

      Medicare Part D

      Medicare’s Part D is coverage for your medication needs and is provided by private insurance carriers. We’ll explain exactly how it works.

      Advantage Plans

      Medicare Advantage Plans are provided by private insurance companies and can often save you money.

      Medicare’s “Donut Hole”

      Medicare Advantage Plans are provided by private insurance companies and can often save you money.

      Special Needs Plans

      Medicare Advantage Plans are provided by private insurance companies and can often save you money.

      Supplement Plans

      Insurance sold by private insurance companies to cover Medicare’s gaps.  Also called “MediGap” plans.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I apply for Medicare?

      How do I apply for a Medicare Advantage or Supplement Plan?

      Can I apply for Medicare in person?

      Can I get assistance applying for Medicare?

      When should I apply for Medicare?

      What if I missed my Initial Enrollment Period?

      Are there penalties for enrolling late?

      When do I get my Medicare card?


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